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!!! I am godzilla, you are Japan!!!

the slam, afterthoughts

the show tonight went really well. Holly had to bail out early cause she was sick so i hosted by myself. the new format worked beautifully. Big Pappa E tore it up during his feature... i was very happy with how everything went tonight in terms of actual show and execution. alot of new readers (that were pretty good actually) read, which made me happy... new readers are the children of the spoken word world... they're akward and sometimes painful but anxious and excited and they try hard and eventually they learn and they get better and they bring new things to a scene that easily grows stale and old without new things and ideas to keep it alive... new poets to the scene are the next generation (so to speak) of us here in "poetry world" and every bit as important as the vets... and as one of the vets, i'm here to tell you it's hard hard HARD to remember that sometimes and not just snub them off the mic for being inexperienced and/or just plain bad. everyone had alot of fun tonight... the crowd is a tough-crowd... doesn't seem to be much to do about that... or at least i'm at my "maximum capacity" as to what to do with them. but even they weren't too bad and the energy remained pretty high throughout the evening. we were at maximum capacity all night long (140 peeps or so) from 8pm to midnight... hard to beat that for a weekly show. Big Pappa E said he was impressed. i'll take it as a matter of faith and take the props where props are given. i actually had alot of fun tonight and was quite pleased overall. not fighting with the band all damn night does wonders for a promoter/producer/host such as myself and definately makes this whole experience alot easier... tonight was alot of fun.
.... now if i only had a bigger venue and the freedom to move..............
at least i get to book my own music for the Grand Slam now though. fuuuuuuck thats a weight off my chest. you don't know how hard it was to get that. thursday nights are the nights that two of the three owners play a bad elevator-jazz set and have people sit in with them on that night. so it's not me setting up a show, it's me negotiating the time to do the slam out of what they've thus far considered their jam session ahead of time and me bitching when they don't do what we negotiated cause they decided on the fly that they didn't like it anymore, but they sure do like the crowd i'm bringing in for them to play to, so keep it up scott... um,,, NO. tonight i put an end to that shit. we worked out a new schedule and made them stick to it this time and it worked wonders. AND i no longer have to use them for the Grand Slam which is just fuggin awesome cause i got bands bangin down my door to play my gig. you can be damn sure i'm going to take them up on it. First band booked is a jazz/funk band called Vin-Fiz who just rock, and i booked them tonight. sweet deal that.
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