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Monday, May 21st, 2001
12:54 pm


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Monday, May 7th, 2001
3:30 am - sorry julie, had to post this so i could retrieve it later tomorrow and send it to print



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Friday, May 4th, 2001
12:40 am

> fuck the lucky dragon and Johnny Small-Time
> Every Thursday night. Sign Ups at 830. Show starts at 9pm.
> At Billy Gordons!!! (on the corner of Broadway and Dobson)
> suggested donation 2 dollars
> the Grand Slam has been postponed to June 7th. those that qualified
> the month previous will be qualified to compete during the June Grand
> Slam in June. Billy Gordon's has gone out of their way to open the
> venue up to us, canceled their regular Thursday night gig in a 10
> minute phone conversation with Euginia in favor of us. tonight i went
> down and finalized the details and everything is a big fat GO.
> on another note, it looks like we're about to get sponsorship from
> Gran Marniet and Philip Morris though thats still tenative.
> Oh, and we have selected the team that will represent the House of
> Jones at Arcosanti Arizona Regional Competition. (and i apologize for
> not having the time to organize a formalized reading to select the
> competing team) the team going to Arcosanti is as follows
> Tanika Stotts
> Eirean Bradley
> Technicolor Holly
> and yours truly, Scott Huntingon-Gamble
> Bill, you would have been offered the position on the Arcosanti team
> as the current poet warrior and i ask your forgiveness, but as a
> member of the Mesa National Poetry Slam team, i believe you will be
> competing with the mesa team so had to select an alternate.
> The only real drawback to billy gordons is that it is 21 and over.
> Tanika, show up EARLY and i'll do what i can to get you in the door
> baby, i'm sorry.
> okay, thats the gig. if you have questions, email me or check out the
> website. and we're still taking submissions. would love to get some
> of y'alls work put up so don't be afraid to send us something. okay,
> i'm outa here.
> scott huntington gamble
> the house of jones poetry slam
> http://languagehammer.net

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Sunday, April 29th, 2001
5:16 am - playin this weekend

check it out

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5:03 am


spent all weekend looking at venues... everything is a make it or break it sort of ordeal... nobody's got a back room which means to do it up front is a major investment by the venues... haven't approached anyone yet... just spent the weekend looking. thus far places to approach are

The Owls Nest
The Have a Nice Day Cafe
The Bash on Ash
Billy Gordons
The Green Room
Nita's Hideaway

things to do tonight when i get home, design a blank flyer saying something like
"Fuck the Lucky Dragon... WE MOVED to: (insert ass saving venue name here)"

saw alot of bands last night at the New Times music fest. "good" bands (relatively) were

Morse Code
The Slow Down
The Hammertoes

i so miss going to see Juno perform... and no, not that fucked up smack Juno Reactor...


okay, off to work

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5:02 am

i can't believe that little fuck actually canceled my reading.

it's the day after, and i'm sitting here at work doing correspondence and thinkin about things to do fer the Slam.... and then

oh yeah. thats right. top of the priority list all of a sudden


okay, i'm gonna go break shit.


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Friday, March 30th, 2001
1:57 am

as many of you know, Thursday night was the first ever House
of Jones Poetry Grand Slam! YAY!!! what have i been doing
thats so damn important that i couldn't have posted this earlier?

(chuckle) actually thats only partially true... all the same i did
make myself take the weekend off, sorry for the late post.
basically the last few days have been spent in a stupor of
disbelief and awe combined with barely repressed excitement
and renewed enthusiasm. the night, in a word...
A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!

the poets, the participants, the audience, everything! where to

well for one, Phoenix AZ decided to dump on us gouts and
gouts of rain that night which i was dead certain would kill the
show for starters...

oh i couldn't have been more wrong.
attendance was measured at one point a crowd of 260 people
come to see the show that night. we kicked things off with the
open mic and surprise newcommer Celeste playing the congos
with the Lucky Dragon House band and doing an improvised
musical spoken word set, followed up by four more open mic
poets including Sarge Linticum who came out of semi-retirement
and threw down some old school po'try. after the open mic, we
had a 20 minute music set/break and then launched into the
first House of Jones Poetry Grand Slam!!!!!

twelve poets on the mic, 7 prequalifiers and 5 wildcard slots
broght the list to 12 people competing for the title of House of
Jones Poet Warrior and a $500 dollar pot. Those on the mic

Eirean Bradley
Christopher Fox Graham
Casey Klinker
Patrick Hare
Bill Campana
Tanika Stotts
Corbet Dean
Brandy Linticum
The Shmoo
Michelle Novak
and new commer Lauren!!!

It was a blast. First round was head to head competition for
gag prizes, and the top six poets were to move to the second
round. Gag prizes (compliments of my WONDERFUL co-host
Technicolor Holly) included a box of condoms, some fuzzy dice,
a book on how to meet and keep the one you love, and a
grrreAT bicycle horn! YAY!!!

well as i said, the top six poets were to move into the second
round but a tie between Brandy Linticum and Christopher Fox
Graham brought both of them into the second round for a total
of seven poets going against one another. three poets would
emerge to compete in one last head to head to head bout to
find out who the first ever House of Jones Poet Warrior would
be. Qualifying poets in the second round were, Bill Campana,
Eirean Bradley, Tanika Stotts, Christopher Fox Graham, Casey
Klinker, Brandy Linticum, and Corbet Dean.

i apologize for not having a round by round recount but the truth
of the matter was by the beginning of the third round i was three
sheets to the wind and having the time of my life and honestly
don't remember it play by play (insert sheepish grin here)... it
was more of a rEAlly amazing blur of suuuper high energy mixed
with BRILLIANT poetry that was pretty consistantly blowing the
doors off everyone in the room.

As stated we had a $500 dollar pot to divvy up for the first,
second, and third place slammers. Third place won $50 dollars,
second place won $100 dollars, and first place won $350
dollars, the title of House of Jones Poet Warriror, AND (this is
the most important part)

my old combat boots from my 5 years as a grunt in the army.
oh christ, right?

The three poets going into the last round (in order of high score
to low score) were Eirean Bradley, Bill Campana, and Tanika
Stotts. Tanika lit the third round off, followed by Bill Campana,
and wrapping it up, Eirean Bradley came with it. It really was a
close bout with just over one point separating first second and
third places. In the end though, Bill Campana's piece "Bob
Ross Goes to Hell" trumped both Eirean Bradley's poem "Javier
weighed 97 lbs" AND Tanika's new one, making Bill Campana
the FIRST, House of Jones Poet Warrior, with the boots to
prove it!

It truly was an amazing and inspiring night guys, and without
everyones love and support Holly and I could never put this
thing together. again, thanks everyone. this truly IS your show,
we just throw a couple a flyers together and host it. my hats off
to you all, both poets and audience members, to making this
what it is and working your ass off the way you do. i hope
you're having fun at these things. we are.

Its too bad Nick Fox and Josh Flemming couldn't make it.
guess they were just chicken.

tee hee. please pardon the shameless smack talkin me and
Nick have going back and forth... BUT HE'S GOIN

This Thursday we start the process over again at the LD so
spread the word!!! We have several features coming into town
shortly here... In May we have slam poet Karrie Waarala from
Kalamazoo Michigan comming down to do a feature.. in June
we have slam poets Shaggy (Jason Gossard) and Amalia Ortiz
from San Antonio coming into town, and the following Thursday
in June - The Ignition Tour will be here.

The Ignition Tour consists of Eitan Kadosh (from LA), Daphne
Gottlieb (from SF), Tarin Towers (also from SF), Alexis O'hare
(from Montreal), and our own Eirean Bradley. In July we have
The Guerilla Poets from the Boston area, booked for the 26th of

Also on the agenda... the Arizona regionals are being held in
May and hosted in the cultural megalopolis of Arcosanti, i
believe on weekend of the 26th. Slam teams from Flagstaff,
Mesa, Prescott, and Tuscon will be there to compete against
one another, and so will The House of Jones, reprezent'n
Tempe AZ!!! be prepared to blow shit up!!!

anyhow, thats whats up on the dockett and booked solid. we
will let you all know whats going on as we get it kickin.
Again, big phat daddy props to Bill Campana, our FIRST, House
of Jones Poet Warrior!!! Congratulations Bill!!!
You earned it.

alrighty, we're outa here. We'll see you this Thursday and on
behalf of Holly, myself and The House of Jones, we thank you
all for your support and remember, we'll leave the light on for ya.
um...m, wait a secon....
all our love
Scott Huntington-Gamble
Technicolor Holly (the pimp)

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Friday, April 6th, 2001
1:14 am

oh my god. we just finished the first House of Jones Poetry
Grand Slam. it's 1am, i'm THRASHED. will update tomorrow.
but wanted to put it out now.

Holy mother of christ jesus fuckin ballz

i have NEVER seen anything to compare.
more tomorrow

all my love scott
Phoenix AZ

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Sunday, April 1st, 2001
4:47 am


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4:45 am



i think

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Saturday, March 31st, 2001
12:53 pm

Damn y'all... The House of Jones Poetry Slam was again alive
and kickin it this last Thursday with a packed house and some
MAD poetry goin on. Ian Kobe hosted giving Holly and I a
break for the night and did a bangup job. Poets on the Mic
included Corbett Dean, Tanika Stotts, King Savior, Casey
Klinker, Patrick Hare, Margret, Ron Dyer, Jeff Newton, The
Shmoo and (aw shit one last poet i don't remember who i'm
sorry!!!)... The show was off the hook and these poets were ON the
money. There were so many highlights it's hard to just bring up
a few, but the ones that come to mind was the showdown
between Corbett Dean and Casey Klinker in the first round that
was absolutely blew the doors off the room. It was a
spectacular bout with both poets bustin' out with the big guns,
but in the end Corbett took the second round slot by a tenth of
a point. The other highlight of the night again centered around
veteran Corbett Dean... this time against Christopher Fox
Graham at the end of the second round in a tie to find out who
would win the 2nd slot in the last round against Tanika Stotts,
previous House of Jones champion.

Yes folks, it was first blood as Corbett and Christopher had a
mini slam-off, no time limit, no scores, nothin but crowd love to
judge this one... and guess what... again, it was a tie. A
TIE!!!!! ACK!!!! What to do what to do?

Well Corbett, being a previous qualifier for the Grand Slam this
next Thursday, graciously stepped off and Christopher Fox
Gaham moved to the third and final round against the
powerhouse that has become Tanika Stotts, and it was on.

Now, not so long ago, a mere 6 months ago in fact, Christopher
Fox Graham, well, he sucked. he really did. it's nothin to be
ashamed about, we've all sucked at some point, and we've
talked about it at length and are both in agreement... but
WHOLLY SHIT, while Tanika threw down with what i think was
a brand new poem that absolutely LIT the room up, Christopher
Fox Graham musta been eatin his Weaties and doin some
SERIOUS work cause the man got up on the mic and just
BLEW SHIT UP. Straight out of left field here he comes...
Turns out Mr Graham has been making a habit of this, having
recently just come from the Flagstaff semi-finals, leaving his
mark up north with the boys and girls there, he's also qualified
for the Flagstaff poetry finals comming this wednesday!!!

Again it was a close call but Christopher came out over the top
by two tenths of a point over the big guns, Tanika Stotts (also a
prvious qualifier for the Grand Slam) and walked away with the
first place $25 dollars and a slot to compete in the House of
Jones Grand Slam this Thursday, April 5th. Tanka was a
gracious competitor and accepted her bag of Marshmellow
Mateys cereal and complimentary $1.69 Enima with all the
grace that one can when accepting cereal and enimas...
(shakes head- oh lord the insanity continues- tee hee, never
send me and Ian out for 2nd place prizes ever again hahaha)

So the finalists for the House of Jones Grand Slam are as
follows in no particular order... Corbett Dean, Christopher Fox
Graham, Eirean Bradley, Bill Campana, Brandy Linticum, Fabian,
Tanika Stotts, and Nick Fox, and Josh Flemming... so guess
what that means... we have 5 wild card slots open this month
to compete against one another in the Grand Slam this
Thursday. We had to cancel the reading during the week of
spring vacation so we had 3 extra slots this month. So be it.
We've raised $500 dollars from door donations for this month
(thanks to all the amazing poets who have come and shown
this town what poetry is) so the breakdown is going to look like
this. $350 for first place, $100 dollars for 2nd place, and $50
dollars for third place. People wanting to put in for the wildcard
will throw their name into the hat and be drawn at random at the
beginning of the reading. cut offs for that will occur when the
show starts.

Where will the House of Jones Grand Slam be held? At the
Lucky Dragon, 9pm. Music will be compliments of AMAZING
jazz pianist John Summers playing with the Lucky Dragon
House Band. We'll light the night off with a BRIEF open mic,
have a short break and then kick it into high gear with the
Grand Slam...

We're still not sure whether or not we're going to go head to
head for the first round in the Grand Slam... will let you know by
the end of the weekend. Holly and i are going to get together
and figger that one out, so be prepared!

There will be a $5 dollar suggested donation at the door for the
Grand Slam, but as always, if you don't have it we're not going
to turn anyone away, ever. and as always, all proceeds go
straight back to the poets. If you don't think poetry is worth 5
bones, well, i don't know what to tell ya... go home. These
kids are putting their heart and soul into this, they work their
ASS off, all of them do, and it shows. These are some of the
most brilliant, talented kids to walk the streets of this city, and
here they come to show you what they got. You won't be
dissapointed. I guarantee it.

Thank you EVERYONE who has continued to come out
and show yer support for this thing. MAD props go out to the
Essenza crew who has shown us incredible amounts of love.

So on behalf of Holly, The House of Jones, and myself i say
thank you and we'll see you this Thursday at the Grand Slam!

mad love
scott huntington gamble
Phoenix AZ

he was a handsome man
and what i want to know is
how do you like your blueeyed boy
Mister Death - e.e. cummings

The House of Jones Poetry Slam

Language is a Hammer
lets start a war


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Thursday, March 29th, 2001
4:18 pm - part 2, the nitty gritty

well, we had to close the reading during spring break unfortunately which dug into the funds that we have been able to generate this month. this month we've only been able to generate 150 dollars so far when we should have been at the 200-300 dollar mark... ah well, so be it. the winning pot for the Grand Slam is going to be about 500 dollars this month, am still working out how to break it down, but i'm thinkin 350 for 1st, 100 for 2nd, and 50 for 3rd. but we'll see... granted it's 500 dollars and not 800 dollars, but man its not too shabby at all.... especially for the first time.

qualified finalists for the Grand Slam are Corbett Dean, Bill Campana, Tanika Stotts, Eirean Bradley, Nick Fox, Josh Flemming, Brandy Linticum and newcommer to the mic, Fabian. tonight is the last preliminary bout to find out who will occupy the last three slots in the Grand Slam. Ian Kobe is hosting tonight which is a weight off the shoulders, and i'm excited because where i'm a decent host, he is frickin brilliant. i hope all goes well.

signups are as always at 830, show starts at 9pm. and if you happen to be reading this please put the word out...


its about the poetry, not the points, not the money... thats just frosting on the cake yo.

alrighty, i'm outa here. hope you like the flyers and hopefully will see you all tonight.

love and domination

The Scott

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3:26 pm

well maybe i should do some updating on this thingy... not that i've even posted it's existance yet, or anyone even seen it, but i guess if eventually i make this thingy public, i should have some gunk in it eh? alrighty. so what's been goin on you say?

lots and not lots.

we're decided to stay at the Lucky Dragon now that Johnny's made some concessions to see that we remain there... the space issue is still going to be problematic when the heat picks up, but all in all, for now things actually should be fine. saw a badass space down on Mill of all places... a bar called Beelows which is really an amazing place and easily one of the coolest joints i've run into here in Phoenix, flat out. providing we get to a point where moving has become absolutely unavoidable, it will definately be one of the places that i hit up for a future venue. man, if Johnny only had a bigger restaurant... ah well.

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2:34 pm


not done, but wanted to throw sumthin up anyhow.

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Sunday, March 18th, 2001
11:41 am - past flyers and gunk, just cuz...


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3:35 am - poster???


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3:28 am - new flyer???


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Saturday, March 17th, 2001
2:47 am


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Saturday, March 10th, 2001
3:28 pm - oh yeah, almost forgot

the House of Jones website went up yesterday finally. my HTML skills are absolutely BOOTY (as in ASS - as in sucks a big one) but it's better then nothin.

check it

click to enter

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Friday, March 9th, 2001
5:36 am - the slam, afterthoughts

the show tonight went really well. Holly had to bail out early cause she was sick so i hosted by myself. the new format worked beautifully. Big Pappa E tore it up during his feature... i was very happy with how everything went tonight in terms of actual show and execution. alot of new readers (that were pretty good actually) read, which made me happy... new readers are the children of the spoken word world... they're akward and sometimes painful but anxious and excited and they try hard and eventually they learn and they get better and they bring new things to a scene that easily grows stale and old without new things and ideas to keep it alive... new poets to the scene are the next generation (so to speak) of us here in "poetry world" and every bit as important as the vets... and as one of the vets, i'm here to tell you it's hard hard HARD to remember that sometimes and not just snub them off the mic for being inexperienced and/or just plain bad. everyone had alot of fun tonight... the crowd is a tough-crowd... doesn't seem to be much to do about that... or at least i'm at my "maximum capacity" as to what to do with them. but even they weren't too bad and the energy remained pretty high throughout the evening. we were at maximum capacity all night long (140 peeps or so) from 8pm to midnight... hard to beat that for a weekly show. Big Pappa E said he was impressed. i'll take it as a matter of faith and take the props where props are given. i actually had alot of fun tonight and was quite pleased overall. not fighting with the band all damn night does wonders for a promoter/producer/host such as myself and definately makes this whole experience alot easier... tonight was alot of fun.
.... now if i only had a bigger venue and the freedom to move..............
at least i get to book my own music for the Grand Slam now though. fuuuuuuck thats a weight off my chest. you don't know how hard it was to get that. thursday nights are the nights that two of the three owners play a bad elevator-jazz set and have people sit in with them on that night. so it's not me setting up a show, it's me negotiating the time to do the slam out of what they've thus far considered their jam session ahead of time and me bitching when they don't do what we negotiated cause they decided on the fly that they didn't like it anymore, but they sure do like the crowd i'm bringing in for them to play to, so keep it up scott... um,,, NO. tonight i put an end to that shit. we worked out a new schedule and made them stick to it this time and it worked wonders. AND i no longer have to use them for the Grand Slam which is just fuggin awesome cause i got bands bangin down my door to play my gig. you can be damn sure i'm going to take them up on it. First band booked is a jazz/funk band called Vin-Fiz who just rock, and i booked them tonight. sweet deal that.

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