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thehouseofjones's Journal

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the house of jones
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You can see my original journal here

My name is scott huntington gamble. i'm a spoken word artist and poet with a facination for multifaceted interactive art/media of all kinds. i am working on a collection of poems called 'City' in collaboration with poet Joshaua Wilson and word-god Bryan Middleton. publication date is tennatively set for fall-2001/spring-2002. (heh) we'll see how it goes.

Oh yeah, i've also created the House of Jones Poetry Slam. currently it's the most popular poetry slam in Arizona. Incidentally it's also the highest paying (monthly) poetry slam in the United States. big frickin deal. we're pullin in 150 people *PLUS* every single week for poetry. and THATS frickin AWESOME.

The House of Jones Poetry Slam
Every Tuesday night

at Billy Gordons
On Broadway and Dorsey in Tempe AZ
sign-ups at 830 sharp
show starts at 9pm
2 dollar cover
21 and over (sorry)
buku drink specials

if you can make it, swing by. for more details check the website

the website is better then the journal, i promise.
for more questions you can also call me at 602 202 5704 for questions, details, or if you're lookin to feature (as a poet) or want to play (as a band)

and ya know what?

Fuck the Lucky Dragon and Johnny Small-time

that is all
<< end transmission >>
see you there.
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